7 Types of Recovery Truck Insurance: Comprehensive Guide

Recovery Truck are used to help other vehicles that have broken down or been in an accident, but Recovery Truck themselves also require insurance. The cost of salvage truck insurance depends on several different factors, including the driver’s background and the level of coverage desired. Recovery trucks are often owned by a company and are therefore insured as a fleet. If you are looking for a quote for recovery van insurance for 3.5 tons or more, please click on the green button at the top or bottom of this page.

Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery Truck Insurance How can I Reduce Costs?

If you work in the automotive industry, you may need a collection truck. For this reason, this type of vehicle requires special insurance. It’s important to decide whether you’ll be using the truck just to shuttle cars to and from the garage for repairs, or if you’ll be using it as a transport vehicle for other people’s cars. This type of insurance covers your vehicle based solely on road risks. You can also combine your coverage with motor trade insurance, which covers your vehicle and its premises. If your vehicle is covered by a car transaction policy, all vehicles in the back of the vehicle are covered. However, if the vehicle is separately insured, the vehicle in transit must be protected under goods-in-transit insurance.

Types of Recovery Truck Covers

When purchasing truck damage insurance, you need to think about what kind of coverage to include. Minimum coverage is cheaper but provides little protection, so this is something to consider. Below are some of the main recovery truck insurance options available.

  1. Legal costs – If you end up having to fight liability, you will want to know whether you have the ability to pay those legal costs. This can get expensive quickly, so why not include it in your insurance?
  2. Fully comprehensive coverage – Fully comprehensive insurance fully protects your vehicle from all types of accidents. Unlike a third party, if you cause an accident, your car will also be covered.
  3. Third Party – Third party is the most affordable coverage available and provides enough coverage to allow you to legally drive your vehicle. This is suitable for more cautious drivers, as your vehicle will only be covered by a third-party insurance company if you can prove that the third-party insurance company was responsible for the collision.
  4. Third party, fire and theft – This is the same as third party insurance, but now it also covers fire and theft damage to your vehicle only.
  5. Public liability – Liability claims are always possible. If they turn against you, you could face financial ruin. It is therefore always advisable to include a high level of public liability insurance in your insurance policy.
  6. Fleet Insurance – If you want to insure multiple collection trucks, your best bet is to purchase fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is much easier to manage than having multiple individual policies. More importantly, it’s almost always cheaper.
  7. Loss of License – Losing your business license and being unable to work can put you under tremendous financial stress. In such a scenario, you will be compensated for losing your license.

Features of Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery truck insurance may include the following features:

  1. Access to our 24-hour complaint and helpline and nationwide garage network.
  2. A wide range of benefits including damage protection, windshield protection, gadget insurance and key care
  3. Discounts range from no-claim bonuses and mileage limit policies to discounts on dashcams and advanced safety measures.
  4. Left-hand drive and closed imported cars
  5. Compensation for vehicle modifications and additional equipment
  6. Personal injury and legal protection
  7. Third party property liability
  8. Covers that cover towing a car, but not the car itself

With a wide range of add-ons and options available across all our policies, you can get a recovery vehicle insurance policy that suits you and your needs. Plus, discounts are available for a variety of situations, so you can get a policy that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

Auto Trade and Recovery Truck Insurance

Motor trade insurance can cover truck recovery for vehicle movement. The level of coverage remains important and must be comprehensive or third party. The operator must accurately set the maximum value of the vehicle and enter it in the cover. In many cases, insurance will cover the vehicle while it is in transit, as long as the driver is careful with the vehicle. It is important to compare different offers from insurance companies and double check the details to ensure that the vehicle being transported is fully covered.

EU Recovery and Compensation Truck Insurance

In certain situations, a fleet of recovery trucks is used to recover vehicles from European countries. This can happen if your vehicle has an accident and is damaged and requires ongoing repairs. This can also happen if your vehicle experiences engine failure that requires expensive repairs abroad. Operators often want to save money and have their vehicles repaired at their location. Standard coverage for these vehicles is for third parties only, and a green card is required if you need full comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Generally, green cards can be purchased for an additional 30-40% of the premium. If you plan to use your vehicle overseas, we recommend including your green card in your recovery truck insurance.

Who Needs Recovery Truck Insurance?

Vehicle recovery operator insurance is recommended for commercial breakdown and recovery operators operating in the motor trade sector. While simple road risk insurance is always possible, damage recovery personnel need to protect themselves against contingencies not covered by standard motor vehicle trade contracts. In addition to public liability and property insurance, damage recovery insurance should also include provisions for third party property in transit.

Recovery Truck Insurance

Get recovery vehicle insurance for one truck or a fleet – Whether you have one tow truck or a large fleet of recovery vehicles, breakdown crews face a variety of challenges in their daily work. In addition to protecting your own vehicle and recovery equipment, it is important to have recovery truck insurance that also covers third-party vehicles that you control or control. Since this work is carried out on the road, it is also important to ensure safety while the vehicle is moving. Recovery truck insurance is available from 1st Choice Insurance in the UK. Speak to our team today to request a recovery van insurance quote.


The information provided in this article is for general guidance only and should not be considered legal or financial advice. You are encouraged to consult with a qualified insurance professional to address your specific needs and circumstances. Remember that insurance policies can vary significantly, so carefully review your policy and consult with your insurance provider to ensure you are adequately protected. Your insurance requirements may change over time, so periodic reviews are essential to ensure continued coverage.

With this comprehensive guide, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions about your recovery truck insurance. We wish you safe and successful towing operations! 🚚💼

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